When you’re at the shop

Always, always have your shopping list that way you only get what you need, no sneaky snacks.

  • Get in and get out, like a special forces ninja your shopping experience should be quick and no messing around because if you in there to long temptation might get the better of you.
  • If you can, shop online that way you’ll be sure to stick to the list and you don’t have to worry about battling for a car park at your local store.
  • Shop at the same store, once you know where everything is you’ll be able to see when the freshest stock comes out instead of the stuff that’s been sitting around (I know because I worked at Coles).
  • If you can’t afford the organic brands go for the free range and keep your eyes open for specials, sometimes the free range and organic items are cheaper than the regular stuff!
  • If you can leave your partner and/or kids at home so you can focus.
  • Know you aisles, if you need to venture into the forbidden zone you want go straight to what you need. Don’t stop and check out the cookies.

When you get home

  • Put all the food on the bench and sort it into groups, vegies, meat etc and start to visualise what you’re going to eat for the next week so you know how much food you have.
  • If you have vegetable and meat containers like the Tupperware ones put them into the containers to keep them fresher for longer.
  • Have place in the fridge and pantry for each item so you know what you have and how much is left at anytime.

Cheesecake Challenge

With the holiday of Shavuot now behind us, I wonder, who has the best cheesecake in NW London?

With kosher bakeries and cafes now on every corner of Finchley, Hendon, Edgware and Golders Green, the competition is heating up. Will it be Mr. Baker hoisting the belt or the veteran Carmelli taking them all by storm. After much tasting and deliberation (and a few notches let loose on my belt), it seems that Bonjour has come out on top leading the pack. Its creaminess and rich texture along with the several varieties to choose from make this patisserie the clear winner.

Chopstix ’till 5am

Even though I spend all of Shabbat eating, there is always that sudden urge after Shabbat is over for a quick takeway to rid those midnight cravings (with Shabbat now finishing past 10pm, it sure feels like midnight).

The usual callings would have bene to Carmelis or Sollys, but I noticed that across the street that Chopstix was open. Not only was it open, they also claim to be open until 5am! So, if you thought that NY was the city that never sleeps, I think that Golders Green has now taken over.

Pizza to the Max

Brent Street is now hip, chic and cool. I went into Pizaza pizza last Saturday night at about midnight (do you sense a theme here?!?) and was shocked to see the place packed.

Every table was full, people were coming in and out for take out orders and there was a wait to be seated. After all these years, NW London finally has a Kosher boutique restuarant.

Sure Pizaza could have opened like any other pizza joint with the usual dirty floors and no character, but this is now the place to be seen. I love the Pizza oven that looks like it just came out of the Flinstones with its plasma screens hanging on the side. The booth seeting is quite cool – but can get a little tight since it only fits 4. By the way – the pizza is great. I’d go for a stuff crust American feast pizza and wash it down with a mars bar milk shake.

Some Tips for Grocery Shopping

  • If you’ve got little snack containers use them to put your nuts in so you have an “off the shelf” snack ready to go.
  • If you’ve got lunch containers always have them ready to store leftovers in the fridge or freeze for emergency meals.
  • Write your menu up of a sheet of paper or a white board that way you will start to get into a routine and not have to think about it as much.
  • You can make your base salads and leave them in the fridge and when you’re ready to eat them just add your protein and maybe some avocado and you’re good to go.
  • If something needs to be used in the fridge use it, switch days of the meal plan or change the meals around so you can use everything in the fridge DO NOT WASTE THE FOOD.
  • If you haven’t got the basics for cooking go and get them; slow cooker, non stick pan, baking dish, a good knife, a vegetable peeler, a Y peelers for shedding carrot and cucumbers, tongs etc.
  • Make breakfast a habit and if you have got limited time in the morning make breakfast the night before.
  • Always have some nuts, fruit, tin of salmon or tuna with you so you can have an emergency food supply so you don’t skip meals.
  • Try and eat every 3 hours. This helps keep you full and maintain your energy through the day.
  • Drink plenty of water, Evian is best or filter tap water through a Brita jug is the next best thing.
  • Go for organics as much as possible.
  • Grass fed meat is a must (the cows are much happier and healthy).
  • Allow yourself a treat once per week, otherwise stay strong and avoid temptation.
  • If you fall off the diet get back on and don’t stress about it.

What you should eat!

People these days have so much trouble and are so out of touch with what they should eat, it drives them to despair, and with good reason. There is so much info out there to dig through; trying to come up with a clear idea of what to eat is enough to drive anyone crazy.

So hopefully this eating clean plan will help clear some things up and get you on the way to the body you’d really love to have.

Before we get to the diet plan there are some more things you’re going to need to do to make sure you make the most of this plan:

  • Get a Food Dairy (just a note book or a regular diary) and record all the things you eat and have been eating, you’ll be surprised
  • Plan to shop at least 1-2 times per week (so you can get fresh food)
  • Try and find an organic butcher or at least grass fed meats
  • Plan your week’s worth of meals 7 days in advance
  • Make sure you get plenty of sleep and be asleep by 10.30pm every night
  • If you’re not already exercising, start now it is a must.

Don’t worry if things aren’t perfect the first week it will take a bit of time to really change your routine. Your food diary will help notice patterns and areas where you’re having trouble with.

So long as you use the right foods you should be ok.

Is New York Coming To Edgware?

I happened to be in Edgware yesterday after work and was at that time of the evening where all you can think about is dinner time. I had a choice of going home or heading to Ralphy’s New York Grill which was staring me straight in the face.

Like all good Jews I listened to my stomach and went straight for Ralphy’s. This was the 1st time I had actually been there and was thinking it quite resembled Dougie’s in New York. I started off by having a Combo Platter for two – yes that’s right, for two.

But to be honest with you, it’s a good thing I was only one person because it sure wouldn’t have been enough for two. Since I thought I was eating a starter for two, I settled on ordering a Manhattan Pastrami Burger. The burger was good and tasty, but that’s about it. I enjoyed the food I ate, but would have to say there wasn’t anything that special about it. I don’t know if I would make a special trip to specifically eat at Ralphy’s again since there are now quite a few places to go for burger and American grill food.