Pizza to the Max

Brent Street is now hip, chic and cool. I went into Pizaza pizza last Saturday night at about midnight (do you sense a theme here?!?) and was shocked to see the place packed.

Every table was full, people were coming in and out for take out orders and there was a wait to be seated. After all these years, NW London finally has a Kosher boutique restuarant.

Sure Pizaza could have opened like any other pizza joint with the usual dirty floors and no character, but this is now the place to be seen. I love the Pizza oven that looks like it just came out of the Flinstones with its plasma screens hanging on the side. The booth seeting is quite cool – but can get a little tight since it only fits 4. By the way – the pizza is great. I’d go for a stuff crust American feast pizza and wash it down with a mars bar milk shake.


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